Why go away from your homes and spend money to be a part of activities you like?

It is quite possible to find others with a similar hobby, within your neighbourhood!…or is it?

When technology was just a newborn and people didn’t know what mobilephonescould do, neighbors were like a second family to people, every other person was either masi or chacha or nani.With man trapped in his own little creation we have lost contact with the society and the people around us.Also as we wanted to grow, prosper, learn new things and the city life was calling out to us like the apple was calling out to Eve! Trying to fit into a new city is what people find most difficult to do, hesitation entraps them and they are left with a void; the feeling of belongingness amiss and entrapments like mobile phones handy!

We have created so many means to find people around the globe but what we need is to find people close to ourselves.People from every age group tend to visit the neighbourhoodpark frequentlyat different times of the day, depending upon what is suitable to them.These parks caneasily have notice boards. Can something as SIMPLE AND TRIVIAL AS THAT HELP IN ACHIEVING THIS GOAL?

THE NOTICE BOARD! Imagine you’re jogging in the park and you find a notice that says“LOOKINGFOR FRIENDS TO DO YOGA?,how will you respond ? You will be willingto check it out is my guess, in caseyou havealways wanted to try yoga but never really got a chance for some reason. Now envision more notice’s- about lets say an after dinner Antakshri club, a post work Badminton club, a Knitting club, book club, Public speaking Club, Painting Club, crocheting Club, Weekend football team matches …the possibilities are endless! Its only that we are unable to reach out to people of our interests close by and a simple notice board can easily fill that void.

Negative emotions narrow your mind as your brain responds by shutting off the outside world and limiting the options you see around you. Activity is just the beginning of positivity. With how stressful life has become these days a surge of positivity is what every individual needs. Group activitiescloseby that can happen spontaneously if we use the notice board wisely, will not only promote a healthy lifestyle but will also induce positivity which will in turn help you build skills, boost health and improve work. It will further encourage intergeneration interaction bringing millennials and the elderly closer.

The Notice Board could be managed by a group of interested individuals who are willing to volunteer. The notice board need not be intrusive in nature; the design could be neat and simple, one that gels with the environment. Infact a similar notice board on the boundary wall of the Community Centre can also prove to be effective.

It is high time for people to wake up and do something about what’s happening around them, to not just crib or stay silent to fit in just because they are worried about what people will think…but to be their own self individually and engage with people that inspire!

This is our time to ACT! CHANDIGARHians.

Author: Manya Sharma 

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