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Overview CUF’22

CUF’ 2022

The theme of the week long festival is to celebrate togetherness and love for City Beautiful Chandigarh- APNA SHEHAR APNA JASHAN, through various cultural and sports activities that reflect the true nature of Chandigarhians and represent the soul of the Chandigarh Tricity. In a spirit of collective participation and taking ownership of their city the format of the event is that the various events of CUF 22 will be organized by the residents (RWA’s), Educational institutes, Corporates, NGO’s and regional, cultural & sports clubs/ groups etc. themselves, with support from Chandigarh Administration. There will be performances, competitions, exhibitions, food, music, art, theatre, learning, sports as well as commercial stalls with the backdrop of majestic Shivaliks on the people’s avenue Janmarg. ACT! Chandigarh Society and Chandigarh Tourism Department will jointly undertake the coordination of the event. A calendar of events is attached for your reference

The city celebration is committed to the philosophy of social inclusiveness, promoting local talent, organizational role to youth/students , responsibility to our environment, celebration of the human spirit and upholding the legacy of Chandigarh. Since Chandigarh is an internationally important city with wide vistas like its 300 feet wide Ceremonial Street Janmarg and also a clean & green environment that is unparalleled, hence the idea has an immense future potential for tourism as well as to improve overall livability of the city by encouraging the proactive role of its residents.