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The City Celebration


It marks the beginning of the various activities of Chandigarh Urban Festival that carry on as per the theme of that year.

The city celebration is celebrated towards the end of winter and at the onset of spring when the weather is perfect and the luxuriant outdoors of Chandigarh display vibrant and myriad hues. The majestic Jan Marg or People’s Avenue is the venue for this outdoor celebration that begins from the heart of the city, sec-17 and culminates at the head of the city, the Capitol Complex in sector-1. This is especially relevant as the urban festival brings meaning back into these highly symbolic spaces as envisioned by Le Corbusier, by providing a mainstream connect.

This is a curated event full of art displays and cultural performances that fill the huge urban space of JanMarg, where citizens are able to revel in a vibrant and enriching environment. Still into its initial years, the final vision for the City Celebration of Chandigarh is to infuse the entire outdoor space with art, theatre, food, music, learning and commerce with wide-ranging flavours, from popular to folk to classical and even street, high and international. There will be activities, workshops, competitions and open studios to engage one and all. During CUF-18 and CUF-19, the highlight of the final day was the Open Hand Carnival that moved from the Matka Chowk to the Capitol Complex, where the event concluded with the city coming together at the plaza to release sky lanterns in the night sky, making for a mesmerizing visual with the back drop of the monuments at the World Heritage site.

The ownership of the event is with various individuals and organisations that volunteer to put together and conduct various segments of the celebration. It is truly a united effort put up by the citizens, local institutes, government and private organisations, artists, professionals, market and the industry inspired by the love and pride for the city. The society ACT! Chandigarh in partnership with Chandigarh Administration bears the responsibility of weaving together the various threads into a harmonious tapestry.

The celebration is committed to the philosophy of social inclusiveness, responsibility to our environment, celebration of the human spirit and upholding the legacy of Chandigarh.

It is only a matter of time when the City Celebration of Chandigarh Urban Festival will be instrumental in providing a major boost to the tourism, trade, architecture and knowledge exchange in the city.